About Club Support Limited

What is Club Support Limited?

Club Support Limited offers a new and innovative way of raising funds online for Clubs, Societies and Organisations. Featuring a state of the art website this great opportunity will help to change the way lottery money is collected.

How it works

Utilising a modern, user friendly content management system a new fundraising opportunity can be offered online to a worldwide audience featuring the following sections:

  • Club History/About
  • News
  • Club Lottery
  • Club Lottery Results
  • Sponsors
  • Contact

Club officials will be able to update different sections of the website when necessary. Everyone will have the opportunity to play weekly /regular club draws and lotto online - eliminating the need to make contact with a seller. Each club/society will have access to contact details for their subscribers so they can be kept up to date with all that is happening, also creating a major marketing tool for the future.

Features include:

  • Sell club lottery tickets online
  • Update club news
  • Advertise club sponsors
  • Update club lottery results
  • Provide a link to your club's website